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Publicado: 04 Abr 2020 14:39
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Raging Leo Lunges with a barbell are aimed at building the muscles of the thigh triceps, gluteal muscles, hind muscles of the thigh and calves are also involved. Lunges with a barbell is an exercise of medium difficulty and is intended for athletes with experience. Start the exercise after squats. Advantages of Barbell Lunges The exercise works well on the gluteal muscles and partially uses the quadriceps, thigh biceps and calves. Perform it better after classic squats or deadlift. This is due to the fact that lunges greatly stretch muscles and cause multiple microdamages to tissues, which will significantly accelerate their growth. Barbell Lunges There are many different options for doing barbell lunges. There are such varieties as lunges on the platform, with dumbbells, back, sideways, with its own weight, lunges in Smith's simulator and others. This exercise is very traumatic for the knees, so be careful if you have sore knees. It is recommended that all bodybuilders perform, regardless of the level of sports training. Correct Technique Place the sports equipment on the trapezium, holding it with your hands. Put your working leg forward so that the knee joint is bent at an angle of 90 degrees, but the left leg should not touch the ground with the knee joint. Also, to reduce the load on the joints, the left leg should rest on the toe, not the foot. Having taken the starting position described above, start doing squats in an upright position. For More Information Visit:- >>> https://www.healthsuperclub.com/raging-leo/